Sports Betting Picks

My Sports Betting Picks is my other website and picking games has always been a passion and a calling for me and my other site is a sports betting site and I give all my picks away for free you can see them posted online around 11am CST every single day. I never charge for picks last year was a 65% handicapper on over 1200 games. I plan to dominate again this year. is my other site and picks are updated daily

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Gambling Rules To Always Follow

  • Never chase a loss by betting more on the next game
  • Always stay within your bankroll limits I.E. never bet more than 10% of your stack on a single game (500 to start max bet is 50)
  • When you stack gets bigger or you have a bigger stack the bet limit should go all the way down to 2% but low bankroll means more risk
  • Underdogs bet as late as possible and favorites bet as early in the day as possible
  • Never bet games with more than -150 juice this is extremely important upsets happen
  • Many times you will notice that I avoid lots of prime-time game there are reasons behind this (The Goal is to pick the game that gives us the highest chance of winning) not to bet a game to watch and cheer its about making secure investments
  • Never place a bet after you have had even a single drink or have done any kind of drugs

I know rules are no fun but they are important if you want to be around long term. I will post my picks every morning and you will have more than enough time to enter the picks into your book my suggestion is to use TopBet 100% Match up to 1000 dollar bonus is nice but they have really fast payout times. I like knowing in a pinch I can get my money back quickly these days. TopBet routinely gets me my checks in 3 business days or less and only takes 1 day to clear my bank other sites will make you wait weeks for payouts. TopBet also has some of the best lines take it from someone who has used many different books this is where you want to start.

Sports Betting Picks

Sports Betting Picks

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