Part Time Flexible Job Bookkeeping

Part Time Flexible Job Bookkeeping

Online Jobs For Accountants and Bookkeepers – Jobs from this company is only open to residents of the US and therefore does not accept applications from people living in other countries. Accountants hired by the site become part of a team which consists of Financial Controllers and other team members responsible for the implementation of the different tasks assigned to them, even though they all work from their respective homes. Every client of is assigned a Bookkeeper and their work done on the site’s servers. Apart from working from 8am to 5pm, those working for the site can also be reached by telephone, instant messenger or e-mail.

Balance your Books – This site offers Bookkeepers or individuals that have earned their CPA a chance to work from their homes. If you have been looking for an opportunity to telecommute as part of the job then this is it. Some of the tasks that will be assigned to you are preparation of sales and general ledgers, A/R, A/P and payroll processing.

Bateman & Co. – Job opportunities on this site are restricted to residents of Texas. The jobs offered on the site can either be part-time or even full time and are all done from home.

BIDaWIZ – This company was established in 2008 and is run by professionals in the tax and accounting fields. The work at home opportunities they offer are specifically targeted towards individuals in the tax and accounting professions.

Book Minders – If you are in sales or accounting and are looking for a home based job then you need to contact this company. To work for them part-time or full time, you must have at least two years experience in bookkeeping but having an AA degree is an added advantage. In addition, some of their jobs have benefits attached to them.

Click Accountant Bookkeeping Services – The services offered by this company to their clients include collection of data, workflow and other relevant documents. Accountants and Bookkeepers hired by the company to work from home need to be transparent, accurate and deliver their work on time as this is their reputation among their clients.

Click N Work – The services offered by this company to their clients are varied and usually involve creation of company profiles, economic papers and market reviews. They usually hire Sector Specialists, Consultants or even Analysts to work from home and pay between $40 and $ 150 for every hour worked depending on the complexity of the assignment. Alternatively, they also make payments as a fixed fee or commission-share.

TAD Accounting – To get hired by this company, you are required to have experience in accounting for at least two years. They have several positions for Accountants that want to work from home.

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Part Time Flexible Job Bookkeeping

Part Time Flexible Job Bookkeeping

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